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Suspense was one of the longest running and most successful radio series ever produced. Broadcast on CBS from 1940 to 1962, Suspense was joined by many of Hollywood's best-known stars and production crew, brining over 900 riveting stories to life. Alfred Hitchcock was the show's director for the first two years. Orson Welles was also heard in many episodes. Extremely well produced and critically acclaimed, Suspense represents the very best of the golden age of radio.

Against the eerie sound of a bell ring, Each show begins with a memorable line, "the hushed voice and the prowling step . . . the murderer who might get away . . . we invite you to enjoy stories that keep you in . . . Suspense . . . "

Similar to a Khafka piece, the stories in Suspense mainly deal with ordinary people caught in circumstances beyond their control. The resolution of the stories is usually held until the very last moment following the climax.

There are 908 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Lodger - Audition July 21, 1940
The Lodger July 22, 1940
Lord of the Witch Doctors October 27, 1942
The Cave of Ali Baba August 19, 1942
A Passage To Benares September 23, 1942
The Bride Vanishes December 1, 1942
One Hundred In The Dark September 30, 1942
Til Death Do Us Part December 15, 1942
Will You Make A Bet With Me November 10, 1942
The Hitchhiker September 2, 1942
Wet Saturday June 24, 1942
The Burning Court June 17, 1942
Two Sharp Knives December 22, 1942
The Kettler Method September 16, 1942
The Devil In The Summer House November 3, 1942
Menace In Wax November 17, 1942
The Body Snatchers November 24, 1942
The Singing Walls September 2, 1943
The King's Birthday August 28, 1943
The White Rose Murders July 6, 1943
Uncle Henry's Rosebush June 29, 1943
A Friend To Alexander August 3, 1943
The Devil's Saint January 19, 1943
The ABC Murders May 18, 1943
The Fountain Plays August 10, 1943

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